Auslan – Australia’s own Sign Language

Auslan is the language of the Australian Signing Deaf Community. It has its own lexicon and grammatical order. It is-“communication which is achieved by the use of the hands ….facial expression, space and direction rather than the voice” *.Fingerspelling or ‘ literally writing in the air ’ is one of the oldest forms of manual communication. The combination of Auslan and Fingerspelling allows ‘an individual to demonstrate understanding through non-verbal means. By using information to follow instructions they can also take part in the real or simulated conversations in familiar situations through imitating and adapting models ‘ (VCAA Curriculum Standards Framework Level 2 2003 ..Auslan is a LOTE (Language other than English). FINGERS & THUMBS™ TM Sing & Sign classes have REAL LIFE ADVANTAGES for the HEARING community 0f Australia. Auslan is fun to use for babies as young as 10 months, in the workplace, classroom, child-care facilities, scuba diving.

*Johnson, T .A. Auslan dictionary 1989 Deafness Resources Australia Ltd & Trevor Johnson