• Our mission is to get Auslan out into the community in a playful, fun and entertaining way.
  • We want more Australians to be signing!
  • Fingers & Thumbs™ Incorporated is a Not for Profit Organization.
  • Auslan Sign Language is  Fun. Beautiful. And All Australian!
  • F&Th™ classes started in 1995 in country town in regional in Victoria.
  • All programs - DVDs, workshop curriculums and books have been well researched and tested.
  • Developed over 20 years whilst working with families in Early Intervention programs including Deaf, Gifted , Special Development Schools (SDS) Primary and Secondary school settings internationally.

F&TH™ has become one of Australia’s leading Baby Signing Organizations consulting  on an internationally renowned program,  new Australian Book & DVD publications  and part of a Series of Teleseminars broadcast internationally.

We have a WONDERFUL Fingers & Thumbs™ Children’s Choir. For children who love to Sing and Sign™! Visit our photo gallery.

Fingers & Thumbs™ Interesting facts:

  • proudly created & produced here in Australia.
  • Signin’Time™ First Auslan DVD made in Australia
  • Deaf Culture is apart of our culture. Australians sign and be proud! 
  • F&Th™ DVDs and other products will always be CHILD Appropriate with G ratings, Parents and carers can rest assured that our products are considered under strict guidelines with content safe for the youngest viewer.
  • Stimulates left brain and right brain activity simultaneously for all ages.
  • We bet “You learnt the alphabet at school and have always wanted to know how to Sign Language ”
  • Sign Language is great fun! It is exciting, easy to learn, provides some great laughs.
  • Baby Signing. So easy – ‘a baby can do it™’
  • If you can count on your fingers, why not spell on them too!
  • If we do not have what you want we can impartially refer you to other service providers in your area that we believe share our values on quality Auslan products and services.
All programs/workshops can be booked on 1300 78 68 50